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Generating a PKI infrastructure

At risk of removing this text again once it is written, and at risk of rewriting it at some later time (not so great a risk) I will just say a few things here on the generation of a “Public Key Infrastructure”. Now the easiest way to generate one is definitely to use “EasyRSA” as […]

Rewriting History

Gitlogo attempt 105x104

It is fun to rewrite history. Perchance I will one day if I would still be alive on this planet write an essay about it. If given half the chance (or even less) I would be writing so many things here. You are not supposed to rewrite history in GIT (or any public versioning system […]

My first steps into Git

Git logo attempt 104x104

I have recently created a GitHup account to store my projects. For now it is a paid plan of $7/month with 5 private repos. I just use the private repos to store my files until I am ready to go public with any of them. But there is a safety in being public. It means […]

The nature of trees

I am in the process of constructing the ideal nature of a tree. A tree is characterized by its nodes. The nodes are junction points. Traditionally the nodes and their descendants were seen as entirely hierarchical. Typically, these descendants, or the paths leading towards them, are known as “branches”. The idea of creating more than […]

RackStation RS3614xs

The DiskStation DS112j

This baby will be mine in a year and a half to come.

I’m doing Synology a proposal to develop for them (and for myself, it will be my business venture) a third-party add-on to the DiskStation Manager operating system for Full Disk Encryption using the existing ScramDisk software that has a version that is (or was) being developed for Linux. I’m gonna get its name renamed to “ScrambleDisk” though, because ScramDisk is a word that evades your memory.

Protected: Spirit of Spirits Lost

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Vim colorscheming

The logo of the Vim editor

Today (or perhaps yesterday, I don’t remember such details so well these days) I ran into the fact that when you edit a PHP file in Vim it is going to load a collection of predefined symbols (terms) describing officially known PHP functions and methods and even method variables (properties).

And the problem with that is that half of your function calls will be displayed in a different colour than the other half.

References in PHP

Logo for the PHP programming language

There is something really fishy about what they call “references” in PHP.

There is in fact no way to pass a reference to any variable. All you can do is change the name or alias of some variable.

Crafted a meter-cupboard shelf

First shot of my NAS holder

I’m in the process of moving my network devices into the meter closet. In the past I was not able to do this because a) there was no power socket and b) I would not have been able yet to draw network and phone cables to my living room.

Today I crafted a little NAS holder out of a plate of 8mm MDF. A “NAS” or “Network Attached Storage” is a tiny computer with a harddisk that is supposed to be on 24/7 as a kind of home data server. My NAS is a Synology DiskStation 112j, the cheapest of all Synologies.

Still being designed

This site is currently still under design and will turn out to be similarly looking but with much added functionality.

Among the features added will be:

  • “Club” access for registered users that will see a slightly different user experience
  • Restricted access to the full set of material for unregistered users
  • Added categories for Essays and Diary entries
  • Fully customized login and registration stages
  • Spam-proof diversity design mitigating the need for user-unfriendly safety measures
  • A carefully crafted user experience communicating grace and exclusivity while being open to all

In short, I’m going to have fun designing and building this. In the meantime, this is just a basic theme designed by someone else with scarcely any alterations. Visual design is not my prowess anyway. I’m too colour-blind for that. I prefer to work on user experience and logical design. I think in the end this site will turn out to be a little jewel. Small, unimportant, but still amazing.

See you when the dawn breaks. The night is still long. But the starry sky is not unkind to us, yes?

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